Saturday, 24 January 2009

nk buat cm mna da x phm.


aku faham apa itu faham
aku x faham
faham dikatakn x faham

aku faham
jngn berjalan pndang ke atas
aku faham
putusan dan gerakan aku terbatas

aku faham
aku akan bersamamu ibu
aku faham
aku sentiasa pohon direstu

tolonglah faham
bukan sngaja mungkiri janji
tolonglah faham
berbagai perkara boleh terjadi
tolonglah faham
jngn bermain andaian sndri

wahai kawan yg amat ku sayangi
sikap kamu yg susah tuk d fahami
klau masih x faham lagi
terserah padamu ya robbi
klau boleh nk kwn smpai mati
harap maaf jika terasa hati


What else can I do?Its there choice who they want to be? i can’t change how they think. i can’t change how they are to me. what else can I do? when they just keep pushing me away. it’s so hard to just stand and not just... burst out. and they don’t even realise how mean they are to me.

What else can I do?They just go on and on bout the things that I hate. i’m completely out the picture it’s so hard to face. i don’t no how. i bear it. i just try to not listen to all the things that they say. but I just can’t help but over hear.

What else can I do? I’m just left standing in fear. i thought they were friends but that was obviously pretend. i’m just left all alone. as they just go off in to a world of their own. i have other friends not just them. but it’s so hard to tell them that I hate them!

**dedicated 2 all my friends

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